The Story of a Horse-back “Prodigy”  By Jordan Nowaskey At merely 18 years old, Jayde Nowaskey, an advanced competitive horse-back rider who is also heavily involved in fox-hunting, speaks with us about how she became so talented. Listen while we get to know how she began, what she’s accomplished, and where she hopes to take … More Podcast

Feature Story

It all started with a pair of shoes. A new pair of black, slim, closed-toed slip-ons that were adorable yet—hadn’t been broken in for work, and were not the most durable for a long day of trotting around John’s Hopkins University. Alexis Taylor, a former NC state microbiology graduate, now working for John’s Hopkins’ clinical … More Feature Story


  In celebration of its 57th birthday, the Peace Corps organization held an information panel in the career center at Towson University on Tuesday evening. The panel consisted of four former Peace Corps volunteers, who all visited different countries and were glad to share their unique experiences. This information panel was organized by Nicholas Dippel, … More BEAT&TWEET

Assignment 1

“What I enjoy most in life is exploring new places and traveling while documenting my experiences in hopes to encourage others to go out and see the beauty that the world has to offer.” – Nicholas Innella (Towson art student) ninnella1@students.towson.edu “My biggest passion is definitely horseback riding because you really connect with the animal … More Assignment 1